Sexual Transmutation

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Please show ME a way to use sexual transmutation the proper way?

— st0n3d247 Well i’m not attending to show anyone however i will tell you concerning it 😛
There square measurenumerous names for this, SexMagick, Sexual sublimation, Kundalini, Tantra, etc.“Sexual sublimation, additionallycalled sexual transmutation, is that thetryparticularly among some non secular traditions, to remodel sexual impulses or “sexual energy” into inventive energy. during this context, sublimation is that the transference of sexual energy, or libido, into a physical act or a specialfeelingso as to avoid confrontation with the feelingthat is itself contrary to the individual’s belief or ascribed religionit’ssupportedthe thought that “sexual energy” are oftenaccustomedproduce a non secular nature thatsuccessivelywillproducea lot of sensual works, rather than one’s gender being unleashed “raw.”[7][8][9] The classical example in Western religions is clerical celibacy.
As espoused within the Tanya, Hassidicsomeone mysticism views sublimation of the animal soul as a necessary task in life, whereby the goal is to remodelism and earthy cravings for physical pleasure into holy wishesto attach with God.

Different colleges of thought describe general sexual urges as carriers of non secular essence, and have the various names of important energy, very important winds (prana), non secular energy, ojas, shakti, tummo, orkundalini. it’sadditionally believed that undergoing sexual sublimation will facilitate a mystical wakening in associate degree individual” ~ wiki


“Sex needis that the most powerful of human wishesonce driven by this need, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and artistic ability unknown to them at different times. thereforesturdy and effective is that theneed for sexual contact that men freely run the danger of life and name to bask in it. oncecontrolled, and redirected ondifferent lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which can be used as powerful inventive forces in literature, art, or in the other profession or job, including, of course, the buildup of wealth. The transmutation of sex energy entails the exercise of can power, to be sure, however the reward is well worth the effort. the will for sexual expression is inborn and natural. the will cannot and may not be submerged or eliminated. however it ought toinclineassociate degree outlet through varieties of expression, that enrich the body, mind, and spirit of a person. If not given this manner of outlet through transmutation, it’llobtainshops through strictly physical channels. A streamcould also be dammed, and its water controlled for a time, however its terribly nature causes it to be ever seeking suggests that of expression. If it’s not transmuted into some inventive effort it’llnotice a less worthy outlet.”

There is a lot ofto thatalthoughthan simply physically exploitation your sexual drive for physical energy. the fundamental physical thought of exploitation sex transmutation is, as mentioned, dominant ejaculation to extend energy levels. This considerablycanhave an effect on the chemistry of the body and particularlyandrogen levels. The longer you’ll refrain from ejaculating, the upper your energy levels can become particularly if you’repartaking in sexual stimulation in some kind on a daily or regular basis.

Napoleon talks concerning – “1. the lads of greatest actionsquare measure men with extremely developed sex natures; men United Nations agency have learned the art of sex transmutation.
2. the ladsUnited Nations agency have accumulated nice fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, designand also the professions, were motivated by the influence of a lady.“

His statement points out that it’s not simply having a high drivehowever knowing a way to use it. desireis that the most motivating feeling to man. we predictwe tend tosquare measure rational beings howeverfeeling is stronger than rational thinking. howeverdoes one persuade someone? Through feeling, by targeting someone’s heart. By knowing what ‘pulls their strings”. Emotions stimulate powerful chemicals in our body. Biology is pretty arduous to override. Chemicals are often mind dominantwhether or not theysquare measure natural or artificial. Our sexual hormones and chemicals are often as powerful as heroine and analgesictrendy scientists have compared the brain picturing of associate degreeconsummation to doping up heroine. we’ve seen the affects that medicine and heroine wear our youth and society, in order that comparison may be asurprising discovery that our own bodies willturn out natural chemicals and powerful and dominant as a bootlegembezzleddrugchargeable forwrecking lives and increasing crime rates.
So the bottom line is, if we tend to don’t management our sexual hormones, then our hormones canmanagementUnited Statesthereforehoweverwill wemanagement and override nature? Napoleons book focuses on self development and also the power of the mind. The secret is learning {to management|to regulate|to manage} our mind which canalterUnited Statesto realizea lot of control over our emotions and biology.

Napoleon additionally talks concerningthe ability of the psyche and car suggestion. These square measurenecessary ingredients to combine with the feeling of sex to supply powerful results.

A high drivewantsassociate degree outlet. recognize what your passion is in order thatyou’ll focus all of your powerful sexual energy into productivity.


How to Harness Sexual Energy

I think Jaiya wrote this splendidly

Sex Transmutation and Manifestation
My partner Jon recently got ME the book assume and Grow made. Jon went through the book and highlighted any text that talked concerning my specificspaceof experience (you recognize, starts with s and ends with x- SEX. in line with the author, Napoleon Hill, this powerful energy willassist you to manifest your greatest wishesmight sex reallyassist youproducea lot of abundance in your life? might the factor that we’ve been told is implausibly taboo really be verity secret to manifesting your dreams?

I’ve discovered that on behalf of me this has been true, howeveri would like to challenge myself to one thingmassive, a frontier on behalf of me to surrender into. I invite you to do this.

STEP ONE: kindle WHAT you would like

Sometimes once youkindleone thingmassivewithin the world you actuallyneed to strip away previous shit and unharnessmassive fears so as to discipline your mind in order thatyou’llproduce what you’resoliciting for. Recently i made a decision that I neededto formthe sensation of huge amounts of wealth, monetary freedom and security. I notice however I instantly feel the necessity to erase that last sentence as I kind. Why? as a result of in declaring this need shame comes up on behalf of me. Shame that folksmaychooseME as solely wanting cash. Shame that I haven’t gotten there. I attemptto assist others unharness shame around sex. Here I see shame in another space of my life. I’ve discharged sexual shame, howeverwhile notcathartic shame around abundance, wealth and cashand that ineed todropping of the fears and also theprevious stuff I’ve return to believe… therefore I kind this here, for everybody to see! i’mnot ashamed! i’m free from this shame of aspiring toproduce such abundance for myself, a bit likei’m free from the shame I created with reference to my genderi’msoliciting for what i would like.


extremelysuggestfinding outeach book that you simplywilllocomotehoweveryou alter your thoughts to alter your current reality. I’m talking concerningone thing deeper than simply positive thinking. I’m talking concerningmaking new pathways of thought and feeling by creating the awareoption toassumeotherwise. Stop specializing inwhat’s and invite in feelings to abundance, love, health, no matterit’sthat you simplythereforeneedonce youamendment your thought you alter you current state. once youamendment your state transformation will happen. All it takes is a moment. A choice.


There square measuresuch a lot of books out there on the topic of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, from the key to raise and it’s Given so on. howeveronly a few, with the exception of assume and Grow madereallyremark Sex as a strongsuggests that to manifest your dreams. i think that this is often the missing key. Napoleon Hill says that Sex Transmutation is that thefavoredthanks to stimulate the mind to awaken inventive genius. What will that mean? It merelyimplies thatyou’ll take sexual energy, need and attraction and move it through you. i used to beschooleda way todo that at a really young age and that i was able to manifest and unbelievable life through these techniques. (I’m sitting by the ocean without delay, swam with dolphins earlier these days, have the simplest job ever with multiple books and DVDs, I actually havenice love in my life I might go on!) howeverdoes one transmute sexual energy/sensation? My favorite tool is breath. i prefer to use breath and visualisation to draw the energy through my body and up into my brain. This lights my brain on fire! I’m attending to use this powerful sexual energy to assist awaken my brain to new inventiveconcepts and vibrations that may shift the amount of wealth that I actually have in my life.


In order to possess a deep, enlargedconsummationyou want toabsolutely relax and surrender into the pleasure. are you able tosimply let go? Stop attempting to climb uphill or swim upstream. are you able tosimply float on the stream and let it take you? you’ve gotto permit that thatyou’re manifesting to reallyreturn to you.

How do I place all of this together?

First I had to essentiallyoutline what it absolutely was that I desired and to select one factorto essentiallyspecialize ini selectmonetary freedom and security. Then i startedto examine that returning into my life. i startedto show my thoughts there for as long as I might and to accentuate those thoughts with feeling and intense need. Then comes the arousal. I build my sexual energy and let it rise higher and better and simply before consummationi’ll use breath to maneuver the sexual energy into my brain. i am going back to specializing in my need. I build the sexual energy once more. I transmute the energy into my brain. I keep doing this for variety of rounds before rolling over into associate degreeconsummationthat I pull up into my brain further. Then I surrender. I dropping and simply relax knowing that my need is returning to ME. I don’t savvy or oncewhichisn’tnecessary.

You are attending to see a lot ofconcerning this from ME as I still play with these concepts and manifest some impressive, extraordinary things into my life!

Also a lot of here:

Also on the subject of Sex, Twin Flames or soul mates, cannotice that equilibrium at intervalsconsequent3 years, thenpeople who volunteered canbear in mind and touch the gap of energy centres, thatsolelythey’ll do, through their union. once these 2 merge in sexual activity, tremendous energy forces square measuredischarged, and onceworn outa particularenvironment (which is simply too potent on behalf of me to reveal here) they’llvirtuallyilluminate the world’s energy centres and reconnect these to the traditional Cosmic Ones….

So Sexual energy may be aterribly powerful force for healing because it awakens god supply energy onto the earth. Why does oneassume there’s such a lot sexual repression in religion? as a result of it blocks the Energy flow of Creativity!

Long one howeverit absolutely was fun. I’m reallyponderingsorting out this book now…I hope this helps. 🙂

hat it is, not what you think

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